Construction Output Growth

In March 2021, construction output grew by 5.8% due to growth in the new work sector of 6.7% and a growth in repair and maintenance of 4.4%. Construction output had risen above February’s 2020 pre-pandemic level by 2.4%, as well as repair and maintenance which was. 7.7% above this level. However, new work was 0.5% below the pre-pandemic level. New orders increased by 12.2% between the months of January to March 2021 compared to the months of October to December 2020 following a fall of 7.8% during this time. 

Published by: TRIQS

TRIQS was formed in 1999 by Mark Monaghan, who has over 30 years experience in the construction industry. Since then, our business has grown rapidly along with our unparalleled reputation for providing clients with an experienced team of surveyors they can build a relationship with and more importantly, trust. TRIQS offers unrivalled sector knowledge to our clients enabling ourselves to exceed client expectations in service delivery every time. TRIQS operates within national and international markets. Our five offices are located in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Dublin all of which deliver bespoke services. TRIQS are Regulated by RICS.

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